Red Light Therapy and Post COVID

COVID has affected many of us both mentally and physically.  In my pulmonary office, I don't have many days when I do not see a patient that is struggling. We've had limited resources to help these patients, but I recently came across a study using red light to help patients with shortness of breath post COVID.  After doing more research and many meetings, we are now offering  this study at Everest Medical. If you have had COVID and are still experiencing shortness of breath, we may be able to help you!  The study consists of checking your oxygen and having you fill out a symptom questionnaire.  We then use the red light on your chest for 20 minutes on each side.  We do this 2 days a week for 3 weeks. The study is free and you can enroll at


UltraSlim Red Light Therapy

We have been using red light for weight loss, pain and inflammation, skin tightening and body sculpting. Red light has been used clinically since 1981 in the treatment of patients with inflammatory pathologies. It is non invasive and has no side effects. Scientists and physicians have successfully used red light for treating musculoskeletal aches and pains, wound healing, and chronic and acute inflammation.

How Does it Work?

Photo biomodulation (PBM) also known as low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is the use of red and near infrared light to stimulate healing, relieve pain, and reduce inflammation. Furthermore, a growing number of clinical studies are demonstrating the efficacy and safety of LLLT for different pulmonary diseases, such as asthma and COPD. For instance, some studies also have demonstrated that the application of LLLT for the treatment of patients with chronic obstructive bronchitis accelerates the elimination of clinical symptoms, increases its efficiency, promotes drainage function of the bronchi, facilitates standardization of the immune status of the patient, and contributes to the optimization of lipid peroxidation.  Another recent study concluded that the reduced lung inflammation and the positive effects of PBM on the airways appear to be mediated by increased secretion of the anti-inflammatory cytokine IL-10, and reduction of mucus in the airway.

Other Studies

There have been a handful of studies looking at this along with this one.  All the ones I could find are positive and feel red light therapy is beneficial.  I've included some here to evaluate further. There are other forms of photo biomodulation and some include laser light therapy.  Ours is not a laser but LED red light.  Each study is slightly different in this regard.

Photobiomodulation Therapy as a Possible New Approach in COVID-19: A Systematic Review 

Light as a Potential Treatment for Pandemic Coronavirus Infections: A Perspective

Light-based technologies for management of COVID-19 pandemic crisis