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Mini Waistbuster

We are inviting patients to come and try out Red light therapy at a discounted price of $50.  This includes an 8 minute trial of the red light on the stomach with powerful results.  It also includes a personalized body contouring assessment.  We know you have other options for body sculpting. We will explain to you why this is the therapy you want to invest in.  This is a big savings compared to the 32 minute Waistbuster.  Give us a call at (814) 283-4655 to schedule.  Payment needs to be made on the phone at the time of making the appointment.  This is done to hold your appointment.  Please check out our website and more about red light here.

Red light therapy can quickly help you get the body you're looking for.  Let us be your guide!  We also offer personalized weight loss plans with our medical team.    

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UltraSlim, red light therapy
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