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Pain and Inflammation

Woman suffering from back and neck pain

Red light therapy has been used to help treat pain and inflammation for many years.  There are many studies on the beneficial effects it has on inflammation which in turn, helps with pain relief.  The effect for many can be instant. 

Here at Everest, we know the dangers of the opioid epidemic and are glad to bring this to Central PA to help patients suffering with pain every day.


Pain is aggravating to every facet of our life.  It makes everything more difficult.  I have many patients that do not want to take medications for it especially ones that cause drowsiness.  Come see what red light therapy can do for you.  We can treat the back, neck, knees, elbows, shoulders or any areas on your body that are inflammed.  Sessions start at $125 per treatment and a package of 5 for $500.  

man with back pain
woman with back pain and inflammation
man receiving red light therapy to back for pain
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