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Frequently Asked Questions

The easiest way to get your questions answered is to call us.  You can also ask us via facebook messenger.  The most frequent questions and answers are below.

Can I use an FSA/HSA to pay for services? 

Yes. We use square and are a certified healthcare business through them allowing us to accept FSA and HSA credit cards.  You should always call your plan to make sure prior to coming. 

What is red light therapy?  

Red LED lights at varying wavelengths, intensities and dosages.  Red light therapy has been used to treat many different health issues including acne, skin rejuvenation, wound healing, hair growth, pain, inflammation, and weight loss.  There are many medical studies revealing benefit in journals around the world.

What is medical weight loss?

Medical weight loss means that the weight loss is supervised by medical personnel.  Every plan is physician supervised and individualized for your needs.  Patients are seen by a medical practitioner at every visit. 

Is the weight loss guaranteed?  

Our guarantee is our 2 inch loss with our UltraSlim waistbuster and the guarantee that we will do everything to help you achieve your goals.  Weight loss requires that patients do their part.  As medical practitioners, we can give the best plans and medications, but the patient has to do some work.  Medications can be very effective without exercise and dieting, but will only do so much.  The average weight loss we are trying to achieve is 2 pounds per week.  That is healthy weight loss and the type of weight loss that stays off.  Some patients will lose more especially if multiple modalities are used.

Do we provide the medication?

Yes.  Medication is available for purchase at our office, but it is not included with the visit price.  We also cannot provide medication to patients that we do not see in our practice.  We can also prescribe medications for you to pick up at your pharmacy and will work with your insurance to get them approved.  We will always do our best to prescribe a medication that will work and is affordable.  We may also give you samples of a medication to start on.

Do we prescribe a diet or a specific weight plan? 

We can prescribe a specific diet, but we feel specific diets are not what makes a patient healthy.  We believe in sound medical advice and may incorporate specific parts of a diet plan to help with your weight loss.  Diets are not real life.  We want to educate you on good choices and not just give you a fad diet that won’t last.  We want you to be focused on nutrition and teach you what foods will help promote weight loss and which will hinder. 

What is a membership? 

A membership is for patients wanting more access to UltraSlim.  It's unlimited treatments and can be used for all that we offer.  More can be seen here!

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