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Vibration Plates

Vibration Plates are adjuncts to weight loss and are one of the methods we use at Everest Medical to get the most success out of your UltraSlim Waistbuster treatment. This is also something that can be used in conjuction with exercise for weight loss. Studies have shown significant benefits including weight loss, increasing metabolism, strengthening of the muscles, improving muscular performance and improving circulation of both blood and lymphatic systems. This is also a great way of exercising for patients with arthritis and shortness of breath that are unable to exercise conventionally. Actually, in one study done in 2009, patients using a vibration plate had a higher weight loss than patients exercising conventionally. With our UltraSlim Waistbuster, we utilize the vibration plate to help speed up metabolism as well as improve circulation especially of the lymphatic system. If you would like to book a vibration treatment, please call us at 814-283-4655. It is $10 for a 10 minute session or 3 sessions for $20 and is recommended to be done 3-4 days/week. Vibration plate sessions are included free with the UltraSlim Waistbuster!

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