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Weight Loss during the Holidays

Weight loss can be a very unforgiving process especially during the holidays. Thanksgiving is behind us, but it's typically one big day of eating then a day of shopping where Christmas is typically an entire week of get togethers and feasting. I thought I would write this to help with some tips to get you through this time.

The big thing to remember is to eat judiciously. At many parties, there can be quite a spread. Try to only eat what you really enjoy and leave the rest for everyone else. Eat smaller servings of each item.

Keep your distance from the food and don't make the mistake of hanging in the kitchen. It will only tempt you more.

With leftovers, I have a hard time throwing things out that I like, but when trying to lose weight, you have to make sacrifices.

Try to drink plenty of water to try to fill up your stomach and fool your body into feeling full. Water is extremely important for weight loss as well.

Drink alcohol sparingly though as many of these drinks have hidden calories. Remember, Alcohol has more calories per gram than protein and carbohydrates. It's also not very filling.

Look up healthy alternatives to decrease calories in your cooking

Make sure to fit in some exercise. Try finding ways to include your whole family. Many places do a walk on New Year's Eve. The YMCA hosts one every year here in Altoona. It's a walk in the lights at Lakemont. Twilight Race - Blair Regional YMCA It's a great way to exercise and spend time with the family.

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