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Weight Loss Tip of the Week!

I've been slacking on blogging for some time now and I thought this would be a great spot to start putting weight loss tips. We're going to shoot for one each week and I'll do my best to get them done. Some of these may be simple and things you know, but all of us have different starting points for our weight loss journey. I would like to add in some science with these tips as well so bear with me if it ends up being overwhelming. We are a MEDICAL weight loss clinic and I like to have some evidence that what we are doing and what we are recommending is based on fact not what your neighbor told you last week. This week's tip is to start slow. Cleveland Clinic has a great post about this here ( Is It Bad to Lose Weight Too Fast? – Cleveland Clinic ). The turtle wins in the race, not the hare. It's not bad being a turtle.

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