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Weight Loss Tip of the Week

As promised, here is another tip. Let us know if they're helpful in the comments. Last week, we said that it's ok to go slow and it may actually be beneficial. This week, I want to let you know that wanting to lose weight needs to be your decision. It's very hard to do something if your heart is not in it. You have to want it. It's fairly easy for us to write you a prescription or shine our red light on you and get you to lose weight. It's keeping it off that is the difficult part. We want to be able to provide you ways of doing this, but you have to want to change what you're doing now. There is likely a reason that you have gained weight and if you don't change that, the results you get are not going to be lasting. This is where the term yo yo diet comes from. I told you last week to be a turtle. This week, don't be a yo yo.

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