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Why see us to help with weight loss?

There are many reasons to seek medical advice but the one we don't seem to seek advice for is our weight even though it's contributing to many of our problems. When I see a patient for shortness of breath or for obstructive sleep apnea, they're not seeing me because of the underlying problem, they're coming to see me secondary to the result of the problem. Many patients are happy to accept treatment for sleep apnea or treatment for asthma, but we really aren't fixing the problem. One of my previous mentors used to say that if you were camping and saw fresh bear tracks, would you feel comfortable in leaving food out if you only covered up the tracks? You did nothing about the bear. We're doing the same with our health. Don't get me wrong, the consequences of the weight still need treated, but very few ever ask me what they can do to cure the problem. We trust in health care providers to take care of our bodies. Why not trust us with helping you lose the weight? This is something we do every day. Everyone's journey is different and for some, it can be as simple as taking the right medication. We can figure out your path to losing the weight. Every journey requires a first step so call us at (814) 283-4655 today and take it.

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