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Questions regarding Medications

We have been receiving questions about the medications we prescribe and thank you for them. We like questions, but I wanted to answer a few to help clear things up. The medications we prescribe are prescription medications. They require a patient to get them from the pharmacy. We do not have the medications in our office other than some samples. Samples are meant to help get a patient started on medication while we work through the insurance hurdles. Many of the medications we prescribe are newer and therefore are more expensive. We have been asked if the medications are included in the price of the visit. The price for our visit is typically cheaper than the list price of the medications therefore we cannot include them for free. Fortunately, most of these medications are covered by your insurance and this will help tremendously with the cost that you have to pay. There are also some programs available to help with the copays as well. The medications we typically prescribe are contrave, ozempic, victoza, rybelsus, adipex, qysmia and plenity. There are some generics that we can prescribe as well. As stated, we like getting questions. Please continue to ask them.

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