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There are many body contouring devices on the market. I'm sure you have all heard of coolsculpting; maybe sculpsure and hopefully UltraSlim by now. Obviously, plastic surgery is an option as well. At Everest, we obviously feel our UltraSlim is the best option. No surgery, therefore no pain, incisions, scars and no downtime. Have a treatment and go back to work directly after it. You also get immediate results. With coolsculpting, you will not see results until much later and it may be painful. Sculpsure and coolsculpting destroy fat cells which sounds like a win, but if your body tries to put fat back in that area, you may end up with some disfiguring results. UltraSlim gets rid of the fat, but does not damage the cells. The fat can come back if you don't watch your diet, but won't cause any untoward effects. Give us a call and we will discuss it with you along with showing you our machines. The consult is free! What do you have to lose except weight as UltraSlim is also the only body contouring device that is FDA approved for weight loss. Call today at 814-283-4655!

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